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DIY Projects


Individual Project

3 Month

3D Printing, Raspberry Pi

I love tanks, and I love toys! Since in high school I started to think about building my own RC tank that not only runs, but shoots. Not knowing much about technologies back then, it was just a dream. Fortunately in 2013, 3D printers are so cheap that I got my own, and making mechanical parts is no longer impossible. Growing community of micro controllers and portable computers makes everything learnable, too. After intensive online research of tutorials, I decided to use raspberry pi as the tank brain.

Main features are: RC GPIO controlled through a web page on any device under same network, live video streaming to the web page, and a trigger to shoot BBs.

This tank is far from perfect, but I consider one of my dreams came true. I learnt a ton during the process, about 3D printing, electronics, and internet of things. Future updates are planned but has not yet started. To read more about this project(More videos include the shooting action!), please visit Instructables.

2.5D LED Cube

Individual Project

2 Month


shop tools

3D Printing

This is another gift I built for my girlfriend (wife now). I was amazed by those 3D LED cubes durning LED research at work. They look very cool but also complicated. So I scratched my head thinking, is there an easier way? How could we cast a 2-dimensional LED matrix into a 3D space? And all of sudden, this edge lighting idea occurred to me.

With partially frosted acrylic bars, a LED matrix, an Arduino Uno and couple other components. You can build one easily. Full documentation and "How it's Made" video can be found here.

I'm glad to see a couple of makers made it on instructables. And Thinkgeek made this after 10 month of my publication under CC, without any acknowledgement. #nothappy

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