Events Attended

Startup Weekends

brain storm

concept validation



Oct.2015 Brewnet, a crowed fund platform for craft beer.

Mar.2015 MOOV, a Uber like service match making pick up truck drivers and people who need to move.

Mar.2014 Drinkz, a flash sale service of cheap appetizers and drinks.

Hackathon & Maker Fair

Get stuff done in 48 hours

energy drink

Sep.2015 & 2014 Louisville Mini Maker Faire: Showcase 3D printing and varies projects I made.

Apr.2015 First Build Mega Hackathon: Hack the Home: Fetch, a smart drawer system help to organize and locate objects.

Feb.2014 GE Appliances 1st Hackathon: Sinkwash, a sink dishwasher.

Jan.2014 Global Game Jam Louisville: Kinectomancer, a kinect fighting game.

other projects