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Graphic Design & Drawing

Graphic Design




You might wonder why my logo is a flame. Short answer: I really like fire! Ok, here is the serious reason.

When I was trying to come up with my own brand/logo, I thought about using my Chinese name, Chen 琛, a quite complicated character. Played with it, not looking good. Then I tried to study the meaning behind. And literally, it means treasure...

Treasure is not cool... So I kept digging, traced back all the ancient calligraphies, and found out the right part of 琛, 罙, means deep. The top portion of 罙 looks like a cave, and the bottom means a torch.

Suddenly I fell in love with this meaning: it kind described my endless curiosity and courage to the unknown. The torch is lit, let's go deep the cave and hunt the treasure!



1 week



After Effects

I had this school project about fast food, and the mid-term assignment is to summarize research in a video. It was done in a week, so the quaility is not ideal.

Concept Drawing




I am a huge fan of Sci-fi Robots! Tanks! and aircrafts! Drawing 100 of aircraft for 100 days now.

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