My VR Propose


1 week




Almost every man have to face this life event, a propose to his significant other. Just those four words and a stone will always work, but might be a bit under the other's expectation. We all want a moment, special, creative, but also exclusive that worth savoring for the rest of life.

I was having the same chance last winter. Being in a long distance relationship, I waited long to see her, have to go to her city, knowing nobody else nor places. Certainly it is not an ideal case for a romantic propose.

"Maybe the romantic scene could be somewhere else?" I thought, with the new GearVR next to me. With only "roll a ball" Unity experience previously, it's totally starting from scratch. Luckily there's google and Unity community, I was able to figure it out: build terrain, plant trees, add assets, lighting, set triggers, some coding and VR integration. A lot of time is spent on fine tuning the VR part. It's pretty hard to find the sweet spot between smooth performance and nice appearance.

Here's what I build, recorded in Unity (It's tricky to record good quality GearVR video, let me know if you know how)

One topic really interests me is how to guide a player to certain target without explicit signs(No Arrows Please!). I built rails and bridges to help, but couldn't afford them everywhere due to performance. Invisible walls are inevitably built. But she managed to get lost later anyway, very creative!

A week later, I went to her city, put GearVR on her, and showed the Jurassic World demo, couldn't skip the disguise guys. Then it's the show time, she got it immediately when she saw her picture, then she got lost, I had to take over and take her back to the trail... At the time it's all finished, my stone in a box was ready.

This, is the story how I got a wife, with VR.

I'm sure the motion sickness helped :D.

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